Benefits - The Power of ONE

Why buy 5 disconnected apps when you can have all in ONE?

All your conversations and documents are easy to find in one location. You can carry your virtual office with you anytime, anywhere, making life easy.


If your chat is in one app, conference call recording in another, and documents someplace else, you can never find anything. Stop the madness!

Your Data

If you are using free apps like Whatsapp, when your employees leave the company they take your data with them: your customer contacts, deals, confidential information, and much more. With ONE, your data is always yours.

Private & Secure

We use military-grade security, so that you don’t have to worry. Everything you communicate and share is only visible and accessible to the people you choose.


Keep all your training and engagement information organized, such as meeting schedules, to-dos, documents, chat history, meeting recordings, and more!

Your Brand

Imagine having your branded training environment! Every time you chat, share documents, or organize a conference call, clients will see your brand, helping promote your business.

Client Engagement

Keep your clients engaged! Studies have shown that continuous engagement results in loyalty and returned clients. Talk face-to-face with your clients, present your ideas via shared screen, or just drop a quick confidential text message to stay in touch.


Why pay for several separate Apps when you can have the best collaboration apps in ONE?

Who is it for?

Teams, small & medium size businesses, and enterprises can benefit from the power of ONE.


Teams of any size can benefit from the power of ONE.  Whether you are training your clients, sharing a virtual office with your co-workers, or just creating a workgroup for a school or volunteer project, ONE is the answer to your engagement needs.

Small and Medium Size Businesses

ONE is the perfect client training and engagement solution for Small and Medium size Businesses (SMBs).   You can use ONE to not only provide training, but also to effectively engage clients.


Several large banks throughout the world use our technology to build high-touch digital experiences with their premier clients.  Our applications were built with all the stringent requirements of an enterprise solution, including cloud delivery on an infrastructure built with military-grade security.

Easy Mobile Training and Client Engagement


Equipes de todos tamanhos podem se beneficiar do poder do ONE.  Tanto quem está treinando clientes, compartilhando um escritório virtual com seus colegas de trabalho, ou simplesmente criando um grupo de trabalho para a escola ou um projeto voluntário, ONE é a resposta para suas necessidades de engajamento.

Negócios de Pequeno e Médio Porte

ONE é a solução de treinamento e engajamento de clientes perfeita para os negócios de pequeno e médio porte.  Você pode usar o ONE para não somente colaborar com os colegas de trabalho, mas para também treinar efetivamente seus clientes.

Grandes Empresas

Vários grandes bancos pelo mundo afora usam nossa tecnologia para construir experiências digitais de alto valor para seus principais clientes.  Nossos aplicativos foram criados com todos os requerimentos rigorosos de uma solução enterprise, incluindo infraestrutura de nuvem construída com segurança de grau militar.

Treinamento e Engajamento de Clientes – Fácil e Móvel


Are you ready to engage clients anytime, anywhere with just one app?

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