Keep the confidentiality of attorney-client privilege in a private and highly secure app. Don’t loose contact information and private client data when an associate leaves the firm.  Stay productive whether you are in court or meeting with clients.

Wealth Managers

Maintain multi-generational relationships with your clients. Make the conversation bigger than money. Let your clients share values, memories, videos and photos in a private app.  Learn More


Make it easy for buyers and sellers to communicate with you. Whether you are in an open house, or meeting with clients in their homes, you can still get work done in an organized and professional manner.


Conduct live classes online 1:1 or in group, and automatically record the class so your students can review it later. Share your screen, white board, annotate documents, assign tasks, and much more!


Keep a digital twin of your properties easily available to avoid miscommunications and delays. Access your blueprints and specification at the project site. Share photos and videos from the construction site to keep the team updated.


Whether you are a solo operator, leader, or team member, you can benefit from the power of ONE.  Small and medium size business, as well as large enterprises use ONE effectively to collaborate as teams, and to engage clients.